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About me

Documentary or reportage or wedding photojournalism. It’s a style that has got a few names. You see it bandied about a lot – often when it bears no relation to the actual images. But it’s my approach. It’s the only way I photograph a wedding day. Photography has always been about photojournalism for me.

What is it?

It is uncontrived, observational, natural, honest. The opposite of the tired, traditional A-B-C of wedding photography, which still lurks in the public imagination when they think of what wedding photography is about.

I capture the wedding without imposing upon it, and without the  countless setup images  that some think are ‘needed’ for wedding photography. I record a narrative that captures the atmosphere of the day. A series of images, that combine to tell the story: the moments you saw, the moments you missed. Moments you don’t have to miss, because through my photos you can enjoy them later. Real memories of the day, as they happened.


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

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